• I've Come Froome Far

    Every July, something special happens at ARK - the Tour de France. The last few weeks have been particularly special for us, our very own Chris Froome was victorious in his quest for the Yellow Jersey. Every afternoon, we'd shift our attention from our macs to watch the battle unfold on our TV screen.

    One day, we had a knock - special delivery - Chris Froome's 2012 Team Sky helmet.


    Yes, it's actually here!

    The helmet made its way here as a result of our close work with the Safari Simbaz.

    "Handle with care"

    Chris Froome's incredible performance winning the 100th edition of  the Tour de France has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for us. There are many similarities between the sport of cycling and our creative world – persistence, patience, timing... it all goes a long way toward achieving success. Asante bwana Froome, and wishing you many more grand tour victories. Hongera!



  • An Alleged Article

  • Featured Drupal Site


    A recent niggaritis session was interrupted by one of the geeks stumbling upon our site being featured on the Drupal showcase.


    You can read more about it here.


    One of the office rules is you won't wake up a colleague who's napping unless their toes are being painted red, so after high-fiving each other, we asked the geek to buy more lunch to get us properly back into niggaritis mode.

  • Project Tiwi

    We take all projects seriously, giving all undivided attention.

    So it was all hands on deck for the Tiwi project. It was quite a challenging brief and we believe we delivered on the relaxation, bumming and fun the client expected. Well, that was until we returned to the office yesterday only to receive email from a disatisfied client, demanding a rebrief!

    We'll gladly oblige in 2013.

    View from our office balcony.
    Status meeting.
    Going for the client meeting.
    Traffic was terrible!
    Executing the brief.
    Client presentation.
  • We have a winner!

    When Nokia were launching their 41-megapixel 808 PureView phone, they called on five photographers including Mwarv to test drive it and share their works.

    Photos taken were displayed at the launch event at the National Museum earlier this evening and the audience voted Mwarv's 'Mini vs Mini' top of the show.

    During his acceptance speech, Mwarv declared tomorrow a public holiday for himself.

    Mwarv's dad, Boniface Mwangi, David Mutua, Mwarv and a guy who isn't a young Hitler.
    Mwarv wrestles 'African Ceremonies' from the Nokia boss.
    The winning image.