Our business is finely tuned to making your business better. Over the years we have honed and polished our method, fusing strategy with creativity and technology to produce the perfect technique for delivering an exceptional end product. Although it is flexible and accommodating, we use our formula as a guide, an adaptable multi-phase approach that has been tested and proven time and time again.

Discover - We Listen

We never make up our minds about solutions to problems we haven’t met. Here at ARK, we understand that every client, every project and every deliverable is unique. With humility and curiosity in equal measure, we seek to learn about your organization, your goals, your aspirations and your fears. Only when we have understood this, can the journey to a well-executed and effective initiative begin. This is when we gather detailed information about the problem, and contribute our experience and expertise to outline solutions for success. By the end of the discovery phase, the project teams, from your side and ours, will have fully identified your business goals and project objectives, scope, and budget.

Define - We Think

Casting aside any preconceived notions, we synthesize learnings gathered from the discovery phase to clarify and crystallize the brand strategy, develop a positioning platform, and create brand attributes alongside the client. We aim to outline a blueprint that can grow and evolve while maintaining both flexibility and structure as required. You can count on our honesty and directness, friendliness and professionalism in defining the right tool for the job. Collaboration is the key to ensuring that the brand or web strategy is developed to maximize on efficiency, and quality.

Design - We Create

With the flesh and bones already defined, this is when we breathe the soul into the project. Fusing function into form, we weave creativity with simplicity to create meaningful, functional experiences, that will blend your brand's personality with a purposeful, intuitive user experience. We create the chemistry that allows you brand to have an honest connection with customers. Hand-in-hand with design is copywriting which will ensure your message and tone of voice are accurately communicated. In addition, we complete many different essential aspects of the project, including video production, photo shoots, interactive animation, and more.

Develop - We Build

Our development model is based on one core principle, simplicity. With the plans, design, and content in place, we get started on development, as well as any integration with third party tools, content management systems and e-commerce. And because we are proponents of quality assurance testing, all projects are thoroughly reviewed and tested, tested, and re-tested before being released.

Delivery - We Launch

Once we’ve wrapped up all the odds and ends, the project is ready for your review. After client review and any edits are completed, the project will be launch ready. If your project requires it, we’ll include tools training and have a project handoff or launch to ensure a smooth transition with your team. And we're not done yet! Post launch, we run monitoring systems for campaigns and interactive systems to gauge how they're being received, and using this feedback to continuously tweak our work to ensure maximum impact.