ACT Watch Brand Identity

ACT Watch Brand Identity

Population Services International (PSI), wanted to create a new programme (ACTwatch) that would be the trusted name in driving macro and country-specific policies for malaria medicines globally.

They were seeking to establish an identity for the new programme that was distinctly aligned with its intended audience of global health professionals, grant makers and general policy wonks.

The programme would have eight country based teams that design their research tools, then post and analyse the results online collaboratively. The entire programme would be run online, for several distant developing countries with very slow internet connections to collaborate.

Our challenge was to create a brand identity and language that was clear and succinct, to cut through the clutter and communicate a professional and trustworthy programme... and we got right to it.

We developed a logo, derived from a slightly vibrant and modern departure from the existing PSI corporate colour palette.

Stationery Design

Font and image guide pages from the brand guide

Layout guide for reports and brochures