Africa Tenders Brand Identity

Africa Tenders Brand Identity

Our client believes in Africa and its untapped potential, just like us. Over a nice cold drink one hot afternoon, he told us about the business idea and vision he had. He didn't have a name for the company.

By the time we took the last swigs of our drinks, we had agreed on a name and even sketched a draft logo on a serviette. He was impressed - we knew because he picked up the tab!

Africa Tenders logo

The Identity

We transferred the idea on the precious napkin onto computer, and worked on finding a suitable typface to complement the blocky style. We however played around with it, adjusting kerning and character shapes a notch here and a little there to give it an edgy look that would match the shape of Africa, comprised of the "orange tender documents" created. 

Africa Tenders stationery


We presented this to the client a couple of days later. High fives and firm handshakes were traded freely. Simples.