Amor Brand Identity

Amor Brand Identity

Amor means 'smile' in Dholuo. This mood is what the client wanted captured. Being a feel-good brand we thought, "Hey, why not a flower?"

Amor specializes in home decor, social and corporate events and its biggest portfolio is weddings. This is where the flower approach came to play.

Roses, sunflowers, tulips, orchids are just too cliche and we had to think of something unique.  After a few Google pages, we found a beauty - Sempervivum.

inspiration image

(original image © Tony Howell,

Off to the brand lab...

Using this magnificent flower for inspiration, we created the logo mark using geometric circles for the petals...

…and well calculated gradient fills.

Next was the custom font which was also created using the same method as the symbol. The result was an easy looking curvy geometric typeface.

The Identity


Clean and minimalist…

…which got us some pizzas from the client!