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ASSET Report Books

Trademark East Africa (TMEA) has been working in the East African community for the last couple of years on projects to better facilitate the trade process in the region. Their view is that better trade will spur on economic growth and reduce poverty, resulting in increased prosperity for all.
If you have ever imported anything, then you are well acquainted with the slew of hinderances that the organisation has been working hard to eliminate. From complicated government processes to transportation issues, they have worked closely with the East African Community (EAC) institutions, the national governments, civil society organisations and the private sector.
One of the fruits of is this hard work is the Alternative System for Secure Transit component that they have come to lovingly call ASSET. It has been well received and supported by the stakeholders in the region as a viable option for further development. This is when they called us in. 
A complete report of the study had been written and now TMEA needed to provide copies of this report to their various stakeholders.These copies were required  in two forms — a full report and a summary version — to facilitate the different forums it would be presented in. In addition both forms of the report were also needed in French. 
We received the report in word documents. It is all very technical information. Very text heavy and not an easy read but as we understood the report's significance for the region's trade systems, we were eager to create a better presentation of it. 
First step was selecting a typeface that would be easy on the eyes, with enough weights to facilitate the information hierarchy system that we created to break up the copy. We did not want to use more than one typeface. After considering several, we settled on Flama. 
Next, the logo. This was not one of TMEA's requests but as we understood the project further we saw that it needed a unique identifier. The primary focus of the ASSET project was to keep things moving (forgive the pun) in the Northern and Central Corridors from the sea ports to the land locked countries in the East African region. "Keeping things moving" became the inspiration for the ASSET mark. We wanted it to convey connectedness and constant motion.
Then the illustrations. A big part of understanding the ASSET solution was in first understanding the current trade processes. Reading about these processes can get very complicated to follow therefore we found that illustrations were a necessity. TMEA already had the illustrations but they needed to be simplified and updated to match the styling of the report. We also created additional icons for the different institutions being referenced and added silhouettes to create visual interest.
And lastly the images. In order to reduce the cost of production they opted not to do any new photography for the report, so we selected a few from TMEA's library of images taken over the years of research.
All in all it was a great collaborative process. We enjoyed working with the folks at TMEA. We did not take lightly that they had entrusted us with making sure that the report's presentation lived up to the hard work they had put into it.

The summary report

The summary report, for general information. Designed to work as an easy read that one might pick up from a table in a waiting room or lounge area. 
Large headings and lead-in copy to give quick context on the content — making it easy to get the basic idea when flipping though the pages quickly.
Plenty of white space to frame the content and give a sense of structure to the layout. 
We became so excited about the ASSET project ourselves that we threw in a bonus piece — an infographic spread for the summary report that could later be used as a poster. Below is a section of the infographic.

The full report

Intended for specific stakeholders and partners of the project
The usable images we found were few so we made them large to add breaking points to the many pages of copy.