Capital FM Presenters Mugshots Photography

Capital FM Presenters Photography

While working on the Capital FM Website in 2006, we needed to showcase the faces behind the voices, and decided to do it in an interesting way.


The best thing about working with an open-minded client is the creative freedom offered. For the Capital FM website's presenters section, we needed to feature their mugshots - so we did the just that - literally.

Manual Labour

Some insight into the process used to photograph and prepare the renders for the final layouts.

PROCESS: Raw Photo > Green screen > Extraction > Background & shadow creation > Line graphics > Image tone grading

Life on the Outside

The line-up mugshots were very well received, by the client, their listeners, and the presenters themselves. Soon after the website was launched, these photos had a second chance at life after jail, and became the basis for a full print & outdoor campaign featuring the Capital FM presenters.