Dealfish TVC

Dealfish Intro TV Commercial

Many online marketplaces had launched in Kenya with mixed results, mostly way below par. It could have been because of lack of marketing budgets, or because they were charging users to post their ads. Whatever the reason, Dealfish were intent to crack this market to become the leading online marketplace in Kenya.

Advertising Cocktail

ARK was briefed to come up with a TV Commecial. Radio, print, outdoor and online were each being developed by other teams. It's not the way we like working, but since the project was interesting and the client was cool, we got jotting on our whiteboard. We came up with three scripts selling autos, jobs and properties, Dealfish's strongest magnets. Client loved them all but had budget for one ad. Combining three ads into one wouldn't work so we combined two!

The Ad

Behind the Scenes

We had a lot of fun shooting this ad.

The street scene was shot along Koinange Lane in Nairobi. Our hero got so much into character that he even got into negotiations over the car's price with ordinary citizens walking by set as we shot.

In the second part of the ad, shot in client's office, we originally wanted to have the guy's arm sliced off by a lift door but lucky for him, client's office doesn't have lifts - we settled for the door slam instead.