Equity Bank Decongestion Campaign

Equity Bank Decongestion Campaign

Equity believes that affordable financial services aren't a privilege, but a right. Many Kenyans work in the informal sector and can't afford to have the minimum account operating balance that many banks require. At a time when big multinational banks were kicking out customers for having low account balances, Equity opened its doors to Kenyans, inviting them to open accounts, with no initial deposit required.

Lines, Queues and more Lines

This led to long queues that snaked their way from the teller, round the banking hall, out of the bank and onto the streets. This discouraged some potential clients from opening accounts at Equity, while oddly enough, others got encouraged feeling that there must be something very good at a place with crowded banking halls.
Many times, an account holder would queue for hours and once they got to the teller, simply enquire for their bank balance - information they could quickly and easily access at the ATM or on their mobile phone! The brief given to ARK was to educate account holders on the convenience of the alternate banking channels like mobile, online banking and ATMs.

350 ATMs Campaign

Equity invested millions of shillings in acquiring ATMs that would make theirs the largest ATM network in Kenya. We sold the convenience of having an ATM very near you and communicated the transactions one could conduct.

Time is Money

This effectively communicated that by using the ATM, you could save as much as Ksh20/- per transaction. This emptied the banking halls and increased ATM transactions from under 40% to over 60% in under three months!

Eazzy 24/7

It took us a while to find the right queue ropes for this poster. No one makes these any more it seems. One day while at Sarit Centre, we spotted these at TBC and they were kind enough to let us photograph them on location. Several Photoshop and Illustrator files later, we introduced Equity's latest branch to her customers.

ATM Card Design

This served two purposes: sell Equity as the truly Kenyan bank and make a bold statement that Equity was part of the Visa network. Sadly, they opted for a more conventional design.

Equity CashBack

This innovative concept allowed any Equity Bank customer with an ATM card, to withdraw money from their accounts at supermarket tills. We created a sub-brand for it, and proceeded with developing the communication for brilliant service.

CashBack Video

This was the first time the CashBack concept was being used in Kenya, so the communication developed had to communicate a whole new way of accessing your money without making it boring. The video had to work as a TV commercial, and as a silent tv-short to be run in supermarket screens. Animation was done by our partner, Yebi.

CashBack Radio

We chose to keep off fluent English or Swahili and stuck to sheng to add street credibility, to a service that would have drawn a lot of skepticism. And it worked! From an initial single outlet, supermarkets and other retail outlets filled up to be points where CashBack could be accessed.