Equity Bank Equihealth

Equity Bank Equihealth

Before the launch of Equihealth, the cost of comprehensive health insurance made it the reserve for the wealthy in Kenya. Through a partnership with UAP Insurance, Equity were able to underwrite a huge cost of providing the cover that many needed, making comprehensive health insurance affordable and accessible.

Affordable Health Insurance - the brief brief

Yes, briefs should be short, but not as short as the one we received. Maybe it was in the spirit of saving every shilling possible to reduce the cost of getting an Equihealth cover.

After getting more meat in the brief at a second meeting with client, we went vegan. In Kenya, fruits are associated with health. Over a fruit salad, we persuaded our client to name the different products after fruits. They loved it - the idea and the salad - and we got down to work. Fruits and package association was done through perceived fruit value to Kenyans, where apples were considered the most premium.

We also created a sub-brand identity for Equihealth that borrowed from the Equity styling, yet remained relevant to product.

Next came the photography for the posters & brochures - Chuchu's phone rang, his camera clicked and DVD drive wrote. Several layers and emails later, Equihealth was launched - first to Equity Bank customers - who in turn brought in their friends to sign up, even if they weren't Equity Bank account holders.

Unlike other health insurance cards that have someone's photo, Equihealth's had some biometric data which gave us more room to overlay the brand attributes.