Equity Bank University Ads

Equity Bank University Ads

Equity Bank's partnership with educational institutions made it easier for students to pay their fees. Instead of burning in the hot sun while queuing outside the finance office, all one had to do was walk into their nearest Equity Bank branch and pay their fees. And unlike other banks that charged for this convenience, Equity offered it at no extra cost.

Higher Learning

Another convenience Equity Bank gave university students came with their partnership with the Higher Education Loans Board. Repaying of student loans meant carefully scheduling your day to make sure you were at the HELB offices before they closed to repay your loan. You could hear the huge sigh of relief when over the counter HELB loan repayments were introduced by Equity Bank.

Zeros Rock!

This was the first press ad we did for Equity Bank after putting ink to paper. Oh, was it fun… Take some time to read the answers on the test paper and you'll get a hint of the fun we had working on it. 

On the day the ad ran, we all got our own copies of the day's paper and kept them for memories.

To communicate with students in Kenyatta University, one of Equity's partners, we had to do research on nuances that were unique to KU. We didn't want to have a general ad about what happens in universities across the country, rather one that shouted about things proudly KU. And since the bull's eye in the following ad was students joining KU for the first time aka freshers, the ad served as a guide to life in KU, items you wouldn't find in any students' manual... all handwritten on a ruled notepad under typical student-hall lighting.