Kiss 100 Reloaded Campaign

Kiss 100 Reloaded Campaign

Kiss 100 launched at a time when the radio market was congested with many heavy weights. Against all odds, they attained the top position in just three months by getting the best presenters to play the music their target wanted to listen to. Four years later, Kiss 100 were revamping their sound and over some coffee and cookies, we were briefed to come up with the campaign. The brief was a CD with hooks of the kind of music you'd expect to hear on the station after revamp, coloured with dynamic sweepers and drops from popular musicians. It really squeezed the creative juices from our grays.

A Fresh Sound - "Reloaded"

There's no box to think in at Kiss 100, and we kept it that way. We didn't use gimmicks, clowns or cunning tactics to tell people the music was changing. We kept the communication simple and straight to the point. This was supported by the station promos run every hour on Kiss 100.


These street light signs were placed on the major highways and in residential areas where the target audience lived.

Street banners were also hung in high traffic areas.


A 3-day teaser campaign that slowly revealed the station's music hero, Beyonce.

Launch Invitation

Given to clients, advertising and media execs inviting them to the launch party.


When not tuned to radio, Kiss 100 listeners were reminded to look out for the new sound of Kiss first with the teaser, then the main spot plus one selling the country's most listened-to show, the Big Breakfast.