Nation Media Group Easy FM Pitch

After a long, painful wait for a broadcast license, Nation Media Group launched Nation FM in 2002. Shortly after, the station would change its name to Easy FM, and ARK was invited for a pitch to revamp the station's identity.


The name switch was being made from Nation to Easy FM and with it was new music which, according to research, was going to attract more listeners. That was the gist of the brief.

We chose a script font that captured the new mood of the station. The use of teal gave the identity the relaxed, happy feel the station had.

We developed a two-pronged communications campaign. One sold Easy FM's relaxed, laid back music style as depicted in the following press ads.



The other campaign sold station magnets like Easy Money and Busted.

And if you've ever caught one of Ciku's Busted shows (a segment on the breakfast show that exposed the secrets of unfaithful spouses)... you know very well that these services will be needed.

And radio…

... and TV