Niko na Safaricom Live 2013 Launch Photography

The Niko na Safaricom Live concert directors had an idea that many said couldn't be done. We listened to them, planned how to and did it.

Every year, Safaricom promote their brand through countrywide music concerts dubbed Niko na Safaricom Live. They get the top music artists and have them perform in major towns with fans in their thousands showing up to see them live.


For the launch of the 2013 edition at Carnivore Gardens, event directors Kijiji Entertainment had a street theme running, complete with matatus, hawkers, shoe shiners and the notorious CCN askaris ocassionally chasing after the hawkers. For photography, they had an idea that others said was impossible to execute. To extend the street experience, Kijiji wanted photos of guests taken at the venue superimposed on city street backgrounds, and delivered the same night of the event. We accepted the challenge and got down to work.


Days before the launch, we took different shots of Nairobi streets at night.




We shot at eye level to correspond to the shooting level at the launch event.


During the launch event, we shot the invited guests infront of a green screen.



We asked the guests to have fun poses that showed their street cred.


As the guests were shot, we had our photoshop expert quickly working his expertise on the photos shot to deliver what the client had in mind.




Fun photos delivered as the concert was ongoing.