Sovaya Brand Identity

Sovaya Brand Identity

A new entrant to the ISP market, Sovaya came in with the objective to democratise internet access for all in Kenya.

They were a small, lovable non-corporate, planning to take on the might of giant, internet-hoarding mega-corporations that threatened to price the people out of their growing internet addiction. And they brought cookies.

The Identity

We set out to create a marque that captured the freedom that their product promised users, both figuratively and literally. We started by trying to find a visual link that would represent WiMAX internet and still be fun and playful.

The kite was our icon of choice. Simultaneously a plaything and freedom emblem fused with Ben Franklin's experiments, holds more than tenuous connection to technology and invention.

sovaya logo


The curiously ambiguous sans serif was chosen to soften the technical presumptions that come with the industry. This sans/serif interplay is applied throughout the brand literature.

sovaya stationery

The letterhead, business card and complimentary slip.

Interface Design

The portal interface design focuses on the user's experience and interaction, it prioritizes repeat users, has information for new users and those who have lost their ability to reconnect.

login interface

page graphics for instructional videos

Page graphics for the instructional videos.