Standard Chartered 100 Years Campaign Strategy

Standard Chartered 100 Years Campaign Strategy

When Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) first approached us to come up with a campaign strategy for this, we were surprised. 100 Years in Kenya. Not a small matter. It had to be big, it had to be classy, it had to leave a mark.

So we did the usual. Stopped by our favourite restaurant for some injera, shiro wot, lamb tis, doro wot, etc. We always stuff ourselves silly when we go there. When we get back to the office we play a game of Call of Duty. Can't do much else on a full stomach, plus everyone gets a fair chance to shoot the guy who had the audacity to think the last bite was theirs! Mannerless!

OK, moving on.

The Campaign Brief

The brief they gave us was very straight  forward. In 2011, SCB would celebrate it's 100th year in Kenya. They are one of the most established institutions in Kenya and have made significant achievements. They are well positioned for growth and new development in the next century. The campaign had to incorporate their  "Here for good" global campaign that was launched in 2010. It would also have to be in line with their values: courage, responsive, international, creative & trustworthy.

Our Rationale and Strategy

A unified campaign, combining the "Here for good" campaign with the 100 years celebration, offering relevance and freshness. It would be a year long campaign with several key events, activities and communication phases, addressing different sub-themes and catering for various target groups. We would leverage on the "business as usual" events to highlight activities that point to their strengths. The nationwide campaign would involve all branches and present across media spectrum.

So, who were we talking to? What were the key messages?

Employees: Celebrate their contribution to the 100 years, rewarding talent and effort. Give assurance that SCB is a great place to work and engage them in the bank's vision for the next 100 years.

Customers: Acknowledge and reward commitment to SCB, reaffirm the brand promise — solid, stable, open for business; Here for good. Celebrate the many "firsts" in the last 100 years and the success.

The community: Celebrate the communities that SCB works in, showcasing their lead in giving sustainable support in those communities. Give an assurance of continued SCB contribution to the community. Here for good: good for the community

General Public: Goodwill and awareness of SCB contributions to the community and Kenya's economy. Engage them with SCB's global brand promise and the vision for the next 100 years in Kenya. 

Investors: Assurance of the global brand promise, celebrate 100 years of partnership, engage them in SCB's vision for the next 100 years.

Regulators: The banking sector's regulators and government officials would be integrated into the year's celebrations as honorable guests at various events. Highlight SCB's leadership in governance and compliance and celebrate it's contributions to the Kenya financial market.

Campaign Themes and Phases

The campaign would be split into 3 themed quarters throughout 2011. Each of these phases would feature advertising, a documentary, events and promotions all tied in to the theme under which they fall. In addition, a complete website (, a mobile and social media platform would be built to serve as a unifying convergent point for the campaigns and their various interactive segments.

Timeline of the campaign strategy, showing the different events for each phase and the intended target audience through the celebration year.



Introduction and the Journey — January ~ May 2011

January 2011

Broad campaign to all audience, first public knowledge of SCB's 100 years in Kenya. Simplistic message and format, tying in the "Here for good" global campaign

Celebration mark for the general campaign launch

The staff of SCB would a be a crucial part of the centenary celebration campaigns throughout the year. Before the January 11th public launch of the celebrations, we suggested that the staff be inducted into the celebratory atmosphere. Branch Managers would hold surprise lunch for their staff, with an SCB Quiz and raffle games with prizes. A fun way to get the staff to learn the history of the place where they work, and to get them excited about the upcoming launch. 

On this day, the staff would also receive their official gear for launch day, SCB shirts branded with the SCB Trust  Mark and the celebration mark. They would also receive their t-shirts for casual fridays and outdoor events.

Casual Fridays celebration t-shirt, also used for outdoor events where staff are involved.

A few days before the public launch, teaser strip ads would run in the paper, to tell people something big is happening, to build expectations with the general public.

4 days before

3 days before

2 days before

On launch day, January 11, 2011, the 100 years celebration mark would be introduced with a wrap on a prominent newspaper

Bill boards and press ads would showcase case the key moments in Kenya's history with the message "We were there" targeting the general public.

Customers would receive special treatment during launch week. Free coffee and snacks would be sever all week long, first transactions at the teller would walk away with token gifts (branded, t-shirts, hats and notebooks). 

February ~ May 2011

After the hype, the second portion of phase one would be informative. Engaging the public directly in a fun way and giving them information on the long standing history and success of SCB in Kenya. Focus on the historic journey of SCB's 100 years in Kenya through local and global events, showcasing their dedicated presence, bringing international calibre and experience.

Celebration mark for the historically focused campaign. Personal, targeting the people.

Part one of SCB's documentary series would be released, showcasing the dedication and care given to customers through the years. It would be stylistically shot and edited on geographical and historic locations specific to SCB. Would include an interview with the oldest living member and recognized industry representatives from several sectors. CSR coverage through the years. Would run on TV and be available for viewing online. It would also be edited for voiceless screens for showing outdoors and in branch lobbies.

The campaign website would launch with an interactive timeline highlighting key event sin kenya and SCBs past 100-year history. It will show the SCB has played a vital part in Kenya's economic development, in all relevant sectors. In addition to featuring the the documentary, the timeline would also be used in select bank branch lobby branding.

Interactive Timeline of SCB's Key Historic Events

The documentary and timeline would be accompanied by a the Treasure Hunt campaign to engage a larger public audience. The campaign would run on radio as it's the most far reaching media outlet, in the press and online through the campaign website and social media, with prizes to be won daily. Participants would also have the option to subscribe via SMS to receive the clues.

The website would serve as a source and support for entire year’s campaign celebration events, including links to Bank’s Core Services.

The treasure hunt would run for 100 days and would be conducted in different regions of the country each day. Clues for the treasure hunt would be released in the morning, pointing to specific locations around the country. The clues would be based on historical facts, key SCB milestones in Kenya and regional specific questions determined by the location of the hunt that day.

The participants task is to decipher the clue, find the location and retrieve a flag with a serial number to submit for the prize. Flag must be submitted by 6pm to collect the prize and prizes not won on one day would roll over and get bundled with the next day's winnings.

SCB's corporate clients would be involved for flag locations as well as sponsoring some of the prizes. To build up to the grand prize, the answer to every 10th clue  would be a clue for the grand prize on the 100th day of the Treasure Hunt.

An interactive map would be available online, marked with the locations of flags as clues are solved and if possible, the locations of the flag would form the Trust Mark once they're all found and labeled.

Flag and map graphics

The winners of the Treasure Hunt would be invite for a free ride during the Greenbelt Express event in Phase II.


Innovation and Values — June ~ October

Focus on SCB's lead on innovation in the banking sector in Kenya. Highlight the bank's products and services, highlight virtues remaining constant and strong. In life, some things change, while others remain constant.

Celebration marks for the Values centered campaigns

Phase II would begin with the release of part two in the SCB documentary series, this time showcasing the innovative approaches to banking that SCB has offered through the years. It would highlight several firsts in service offerings to costumers and corporate clients and the impact it had in the banking sector. Would include key interviews with investors and regulators, to re-enforce the values message. It would also be edited for voiceless screens for showing outdoors and in branch lobbies.

Communities would be the biggest target audience in the Phase II values campaign. The bulk of SCB's CSR events also happen during his period of the year so they too would be splashed with the 100 years celebration theme.

In addition, we suggested a collaboration with the Greenbelt Movement to plant trees. Aligning 'the Journey' campaign with a 100km ride on the Lunatic Express to a predetermined location, selected by the Greenbelt Movement, to plant 100,000 trees as SCB's contribution in Kenya's community efforts to conserve the environment. 

Passengers to include select students from various campuses chosen for their efforts and participation in environmental programs, winners of departmental fundraisers within SCB branches, top management, the Greenbelt team, winners from the Treasure hunt, select long time clients of SCB and members of the SCB Group board who would be in town for the AGM.

It would be an all day networking event, starting with breakfast served on the train on the way to the tree planting location, 100km outside Nairobi city. A local school would be involved in the tree planting which would begin at noon. The event would end at 4pm, tea and snakes would be served on the way back in the train. Giveaways to include seedlings, caps and polo shirts. Select planted trees would be older (not seedlings) and branded to mark this historic event.


Good Things Last — November ~ December

Communicate that SCB is here to stay. They have been here, and will continue to be here.

Few things get better with age, even fewer have lated 100 years.


Sample ads created for the phase III campaign. On the left: 40 years ago, I withdrew 15 Shillings from my Standard Chartered account to buy my first radio. To this day, it hasn’t failed me. Quality transcends time. On the right: Making promises is easy, keeping them takes courage. We don’t take ours lightly.

The last of the SCB documentary series would cataloging several personal life stories through generations tied with SCB. Businesses that have grown with SCB through the years, families that have banked with SCB through several generations, wrapping up with a declaration of continued dedicated service for the next 100 years.