Zuku Brand Identity Package

Zuku Brand Identity Package

Once we completed the naming & main logo-mark development, the next step was to implement the brand across the company's communication & working tools.

As with every identity developed at ARK, we create a complete brand manual to accompany it, ensuring the brand is presented accurately and with the same visual language. These guidelines define the mechanics for brand usage in various scenarios across several mediums.

This was Kenya's first Triple-play brand - everything had to be shipshape.

iconography set

Iconography Set

Every pixel counts - wordmark & pod positioning

Every pixel counts - wordmark & pod positioning
Talking colour
Talking colour
Iconography & Typography specs
Iconography & Typography specs



vehicle branding

generative art applies to vehicles

The generative art was applied onto the vehicles, making them clearly stand out in Nairobi's streets.

branded notebooks


work overalls

Work Overalls for the Broadband, TV and Phone Technical teams

casual friday T-shirts

Casual Friday has never looked so funky!

Not quite done..

Our resident geeks had to have their way, which meant more generative coding.
Next up, as part of an internal brand launch, we created unique screen-savers for the staff computers.

Each time the screensaver started, the pattern it created would be unique - no two screensavers would ever look the same.