Zuku Communication Materials

Zuku Communication Materials

Oftentimes, the character of a brand owes more to visual things such as logos, corporate colours and fonts. But the more nuanced and expressive brands are those that also use words in a way that conveys their distinctive essence.

Zuku's brand communication system was developed on that basis - that the visual and the verbal work hand in hand to communicate, coherently and compellingly, that the brand is young, cheeky, cool and embodies the friendly guest who is welcomed into people's living-rooms.

The Brand Language

Zuku's brand language breaks down the technical terms to their simplest form, while speaking in an informal, chummy tone. This went a long way into actually dispelling myths about having, the then novel, triple-play technology in the home. 

form design

Many people's experiences would echo the numerous studies about short customer thresholds for filling out forms. Simply stated, no one likes filling out forms - especially the frustrating ones where it's not really clear what is expected of them.

For Zuku we designed the forms, and more importantly, the business processes that sit behind them, to be as straightforward and as friendly as possible.

Bills and Statements

Bills are the most frequent and key form of customer communications sent by an organisation. Yet everyone we know hates getting and dealing with them. This results in a situation where an organisation alienates its customers with its only brand touchpoint. For Zuku, intelligent bill and statement design was supported by illustrative documents, shedding light on the items on the document. This resulted in; reduced customer queries, increased brand loyalty and quicker payments.

Leave-behinds, Reminders and Guides

Because of the nature of Zuku's product delivery, namely Cable, The sales strategy necessitated teams making visits to prospective clients homes and leaving behind materials aimed at maximising sales opportunities. This kind of geo-targeting already means that the communication can be tailored to be more personal than mass media advertising.

And Zuku's tone of voice is not just empty posturing, there is a lot of practical content designed to head-off bottlenecks in the service provision process. The friendly and explanatory manner of the brand language proved to be an excellent conduit for the functional stuff . This helped both prospective and new customers acclimatise to both the product and the brand.