Zuku Environmental Graphics

Zuku Environmental Graphics

Once Zuku's brand personality was defined, we worked closely with Wananchi Group and their vendors to ensure that it's application was seamless. One of the major changes within the group was the move to their new headquarters. For the first time all employees would be under one roof — the IT guys, the marketing team, the sales team, the customer service team, the guy that makes tea — everyone.

We love such projects. To kick things off, we spent an entire day at their new location, looking at plans and taking measurements. Needless to say, the breakfast we had didn't last all day. We were famished by the time it was over.

taking measurements for the stairway graphics

Friendly, fun and approachable — this is the tone of the brand. The best work is done while having fun. So why can't the environment be predisposed to this kind of tone? Our point is, don't take your self too seriously, be approachable.

the lobby

The generative art was created in a specific way for each room, the colors were intentional. For example, the call centre and customer service areas graphics were primarily yellow, the telephony colour from the pods in the logo.  It's the most energetic of the warm tones, cheerful and optimistic, the kind of tone you want customers to hear when they call.

customer service area

The executive offices  and boardrooms were primarily blue, the calming and refreshing tones are perfect for a place where decisions need to be made with a cool head and a full stomach.

green and blue

The green was used in the accounting offices, workshop rooms and so forth, the neutral places.

break room

The coffee areas, lunch rooms and places of casual interaction were splashed with conversational pieces.

the stairways

Kenya has a very competitive IT industry, with companies doing all they can to woo and retain top talent. Having a funky work environment is one way of keeping the supergeeks smiling on their way in to work every morning.

From the day they first moved in, the atmosphere was immediately friendly. The tensions that usually surface between different departments on space issues were minimized. The happiness index and productivity shot up!

Wayfinding Systems

Having a building full of happy people is great, but they need to know how to get around.

way finding signs

Bottom right: signage for a unisex bathroom in the building, guys just can't hold it for very long.

We took the elevation plans and studied the general flow of staff & guests through the building, labeling key areas from the basement to the top.  Stylistically, we speckled the generative graphics and used the already familiar pod shape to house the main directories on each floor.

way finding in the hallway

The same approachable tone greets you from the bottom up. 

hallway way finding